Letting Go

It really hurts and it’s hard trying to get over a bad experience.

One of the hardest things I have ever had to do is to let go of the things that hurt or bother me.

People have different things that make them sad, cry and depressed, like relationships or failed love stories, probably the loss of a job or the things experienced through a job or the death of a loved one.

Different things have made me depressed not just failed love stories but all the bad things you experience in life.

Letting go

This maybe difficult, but that’s the beginning of the journey, it’s hard especially when you are invested, and you put your time, money and effort in it just for it to fail.

I had to not just forgive who or whatever hurt me I also had to forgive myself, people can blame others for their hurt and all but I always ended up blaming myself.

Why did I put myself in this situation?

Why did I allow myself to be treated this way?

These were mostly the questions I asked myself.

Letting go helped the anger go away and I felt lighter it was like all that anger was weighing me down and making me depressed.

But that’s the decision I had to make, the moment I stopped going back and forth with that pain or continuing the loop of reminding myself of how much I was hurt, I was already moving on with my life.


Leaving the past where it should be.

I took out time to get to know myself more and to remind myself of the things that always made me happy.

This could take a long time, it took a long time for me but I had that decision to make, and for the first time in a long while I felt in control of my life and I am happier.

Just sharing.

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