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Digital Business Marketing Consultant & Strategist | Content Creator | Designer | Web & Mobile Developer

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Hi! hi! I’m Cinderella Ejirika, a multifaceted professional with expertise in digital business marketing, content creation, and design. As a Digital Business Marketing Consultant & Strategist, I help brands and entrepreneurs establish and manage their online presence effectively. My work involves creating lifestyle and wellness content, including writing, podcasting, and YouTube videos, aimed at promoting healthy living and personal development.

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I specialize in crafting strategies and content that resonate with target audiences, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving brand engagement. Here’s a snapshot of my services:

  • Graphic Design: Creating eye-catching and interactive graphics to promote products and services.
  • Video Production: Shooting and editing compelling video content and advertisements.
  • Content Writing & Copywriting: Crafting marketing messages and copy that speaks directly to the intended audience.
  • Web Development: Setting up optimized, responsive websites and landing pages.
  • Social Media Management: Revamping and optimizing social media presence with custom-suited brand and marketing strategies.


My personal content focuses on healthy living and personal development. I share my journey and insights through blog posts, YouTube videos, and podcast conversations with guests. My goal is to help people who may face similar struggles feel less alone and live more intentionally, particularly in terms of their health and relationships.


I graduated from high school in Nigeria and then moved to Accra, Ghana to study Information Technology at university. Due to financial difficulties, I had to pause my studies in my final year, unable to present my final project and started freelancing to support myself, assisting in building mobile and web applications.

In 2017, I began writing as a hobby to help process the depression I was experiencing.

In 2019, I trained as a personal trainer and worked as an intern alongside my health coach. I also completed a certificate course in digital marketing, which enabled me to offer digital marketing services to micro businesses. I worked with businesses from various industries, including fitness, woodwork, coaching and consulting, jewelry, wedding, and the beauty and skincare industry. This experience helped me navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and the mandatory lockdown.

During this period, I also started my podcast as a hobby, sharing my experiences with freelancing.

In the last quarter of 2021, I took a mental break from working with micro businesses due to burnout and needed to restructure my work arrangement and pricing. I was able to resolve my financial issues and return to school to complete my added course, present my final year project, and graduate in July 2023.

Graduating allowed me to fully commit to sharing my journey and turning my hobbies into intentional projects.

Aside from working on side projects with clients, I am focused on building my brands, TimeWithRella Podcast and RelloTech Digital Services.


My Brands:

  • TimeWithRella Podcast: A platform where I discuss various aspects of life, health, and self-awareness.
  • RelloTech Digital Services: A business dedicated to providing comprehensive digital solutions for brands and entrepreneurs.


I love tea, enjoy adventure, and anything that leads me to rediscover parts of myself. I love having conversations that create connection and learning. I enjoy creating content about health and wellness. I sing, dance, and have a passion for fashion, photography, arts, and many other interests.


“Never looking up to anyone & never looking down on anyone”
“Compassion over being right.”
To always live as a student of life.

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October 14 - Libra ♎
Tea & water
books & movies
running & lifting weight
the ocean waves, I love the beach
sunrise & sunset
I listen to all genres.
I don't mind spoilers,I love them.


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