What’s best for you or what’s best for me

What defines me as a person?

My likes and my dislikes?

Does it really matter if I am not exactly how you imagine I should be?

What’s more important what’s best for you or what’s best for me?

Most times, I am expected to act or dress a certain way just to be accepted amongst people, I normally hear don’t do this, don’t wear that, I’m called crazy for being weird and not caring (I actually don’t mind), stubborn for having a different opinion or disagreeing with the decisions made on my life.

Being compared to people of your age group, not so cool, but it’s okay. Hurtful words covered in I love you, I care for you and I want the best for you.

I can say I am also guilty of this, sometimes we unconsciously try to impose our views on the people around us and what we think things should be like, which is not fair.

There were a lot of things I said and did to a friend which now thinking about it was really stupid, just because I didn’t see myself doing that same thing I never asked why or how the person felt about it, but some months later I had to apologize because I had to come to terms with the fact that we are not the same, and even if I felt I was right I went about it the wrong way, plus I was just acting like a righteous ass.

But this has been passed down through generations, undermining fellow humans.

Like when a working class woman is seen as too smart to be “under a man” LOL (what does that even mean), or a single mother; yeah, she can’t keep her home or a single woman; yeah there must be something wrong with her (I’m sorry guys I don’t have examples for you). If I wear that I will be called a whore, don’t do that they’ll think you are a hooker, I am scared to let my partner (boyfriend/girlfriend) know I really like this; I might be called a freak. Wow, that hair or that hair colour. No, you need to be married.

We are still being restrained by the supposed to(s), does it really matter what I wear, what I like, if I want to tattoo the world on my body, or if I wanted a piercing, does that really define me as a good or a bad person?

We say too much but we don’t listen. The truth is we are not the same, we have never been and we will never be.

I don’t expect everyone to have the same beliefs as I do, I really don’t expect you to like the same kind of music or the same type of food etc.

As hard as it may be, scared of being alone or scared of people seeing you in a different way, you should probably be yourself and get rid of the people who look for comfortable situations for them to hang around or the ones that actually come into your life to change who you are.

I thought loving someone was meant to be unconditional.

I thought to care for someone also meant wanting their happiness.

What’s best for you or what’s best for me?

We expect certain people to have our backs, maybe you don’t but I do, I really don’t want anyone to tag along only when they feel comfortable or hang around for the purpose of changing me but then I also have to do the same with the ones around me and the people I love.

Doing your own thing and not caring.

I feel people talk no matter what but do that stop me from moving or being who I want to be?


Do I give a fuck? Hello No.

Just Do You.

Just Sharing.

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