So I don’t have a particular topic to write about, I’m just going to write about the times I fall, yeah I mean setbacks, failures, stray from the path I have chosen.

Is it normal?

Am I okay?

My opinion, yes it is.

it’s surprising how I am able to pull back and get back on track or even start over, one thing I have learned or still learning is changing the way I think, seeing everything these days as progress.

I used to be very pessimistic about everything be it a new job, friendships, relationships anything you can think of, I basically used to do this because I believed the worst could happen, trying to shield myself from heartbreaks, the hurt, yes I am very emotional(I like me very much) LOL.

Well, most times it turned out that I was right. But this affected me in different ways, yes it helped to get people out of my life (people who needed to go), like I could go into a relationship expecting the worse or expecting the worse from people around me, my fitness journey, I gave up many times by just thinking negative, funny I always used to expect something or someone to pull me back up or save me or be there for me, LOL or even be my Prince charming and bring back happiness into my life.

But I forget that’s my job, yes I have people there, that love, support and care for me, but I realize I can only make me truly happy, I can only pull myself back up. I don’t know a lot, but I have had moments of realization, not repeating the things that made me fail, knowing it’s okay to fail because I am human, I am not perfect, getting back up when I fall, I know to keep going even when things are not going so good, To keep the faith, believing it’s going to get better and still pushing.

That’s what faith is to me.

I still struggle sometimes to keep cool but I remember that things are meant to be felt, that’s part of me.

I had to choose between going forward (Happiness) and remaining at a particular place (complaining, unhappy, depressed).

I chose Happiness.

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