Happy Birthday To Me

Yes, it’s my birthday today I decided to write specifically about how I felt last year and how I feel now.

Same time last year I was so sad and depressed, I was bothered about my relevance in the lives of people I call my friends or my family basically people I felt I was supposed to be relevant to.

I basically ignored the most important things, my happiness or the fact that it was supposed to be a happy day for me, expecting too much from people can be really disappointing and sad.

I’m happy I see things differently now, a lot of people hate birthdays, but I don’t and I never will. I still get so excited like a little child and for some reasons I am extremely happy. A year has gone and so much has changed, I learn every day, my opinions change every day.

Birthdays are sometimes hated because people hate feeling old or a year added and goals are not achieved yet, but I really don’t want limits I’m happy I am older and wiser no numbers to my goals. I really just want to make sure I am happy at every stage of my life.

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