I was told coming here was going to change me. I got a different life from what I used to know.

At this point, I understand: you could have everyone around you and still feel alone.
Within a few years, I could not recognize me anymore; I felt lost and strange.

I had lost myself, I gained 30-35kg (66-77lbs), without even realizing, weird huh?

This probably started with the whole nonchalant attitude I had developed at the beginning of my first year in university. I stopped caring for me, I stopped doing the things that made me happy.

I searched for things I didn’t need in other people, depending on love for the recognition of my existence, then rejected at the end and that killed me in different ways.

I found faults everywhere, I basically questioned everything, why I was there, what I was doing, what was wrong with me, and Am I not good enough?
I spent my time trying to please people and forgot about myself.

It feels like I have been sleepwalking through life.

And now I’m waking up and that’s a good thing.

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