I know

I know I am different.

I know it annoys you.

I know it upsets you that I want something else far from what you had planned.

I know it might break your heart, but I want to be happy and not pleasing.

I know you wish I was just like you, but I am me.

I know I want to be at peace.

I know I love to be free.

I know I never want to live my life the way society thinks it is supposed to be.

I know I have swallowed my words for a long time in fear of not to sound crazy.

I know I have shrunk just for validation.

I know I had always given just to make people stay.

I know I had always seen love in a twisted way which involved pain, endurance, and suffering.

I know I had betrayed myself.

I know I am still learning to love now.

I know I want to find my own answers and look within.

I know now my life is mine.

And I want to live it.

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