I don’t ignore what I see in the mirror anymore.
I don’t see what I want to.
I see everything.
I take my time, observe and love.
It was hard.
But loving is being kind, forgiving, wanting better and doing better.
Not hating, rebuking, ignoring, bad treatment, bad words or bad thoughts.
Accepting it all, the imperfections and the scars.
That’s me.
All of me.

I never want you to see me as perfect
Just see me.
I don’t want only the good parts
I want it all.

The little things might be little if you care to measure,
But the size doesn’t matter to me.
I can be sad, angry, funny, serious, very playful, boring, mean and even caring.
I do have an alter ego maybe two.
I can be sexual
I dream.
I believe in equality as humans.
I believe in love.
I am all of it.
I am happy.
I am Me.

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