The beautiful lady with the baby on her back

Hey Bubu,

I went grocery shopping at the mall yesterday, I met someone she is a beautiful lady with a child on her back, and she came to beg me to help her with funds for her business. I felt so sad that I wished I had enough to give to her. She told me she met someone earlier who advised her to sell her body and that was the only option for her while offering her money in return, I begged her not to cry, as we were talking I got to know she is a final year student who put school on hold because she couldn’t afford it, ended up getting married thinking it was going to help her finish and ease her family’s problem but she is still here. A 400 level student studying international relations, I got her something to eat, gave her some money to go, she was very happy.

But she was sent to teach me a lesson, she is just two years older than I am and that got to me, I was so shocked and heartbroken she had to go through all that, but I still have someone I depend on and she is on her own.

so similar but different.

She told me she had no hope of things getting better, I smiled deep down because at that moment I realized I was talking to myself, me from some months back, Then I started to tell her the things I should have told myself that it will eventually get better, but she needs to be optimistic, she needs to have faith and that what she is going through is normal its life.

She looked at me and said, “Why are you so nice, why are you doing this for me”. I told her someone did it for me too, someone understood and someone helped me up.

The final year is the most challenging not just with school work and all but life kicks you hard and if you don’t have the strength to fight back, be positive and hope for the future you might not get back up.

2017 was the most challenging year of my life not just me but my family too, but I am grateful I have them and friends like you.

Thanks Bubu.

The little things we do for people might mean the world to them you have no idea.

Some people come into your life as a blessing or a lesson, she made me feel like a blessing to her, but she was both to me, not all lessons come with a bad experience.

Happy New Year everyone, Be positive and Be hopeful.

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