Happy 26th Cindy!

I am 26 years old today ⁣
Yay!! I just crossed that 25 bridge.⁣

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It feels great honestly, I know I have changed so much. ⁣

I never pictured where I would be at 26. I honestly did not know. ⁣

I did not imagine this much pain, awareness and healing and I didn’t also imagine I would still be in school in 2021
But I am grateful for every moment. ⁣

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I did not imagine the journey fighting to school in a different country would take me, but I am glad I took those steps, even going for a course I knew little to nothing about and had no interest in 😂😂 I struggled. ⁣
But one person that has always been there for me is Cindy, through depression, living for the validation of others, and everything else.⁣

We eventually stop auto-piloting through life. We wake up, learn to love ourselves and redefine things for ourselves. ⁣
I hope I always lean towards love, kindness & compassion. I know now that I am worthy & I am enough. ⁣

I am very excited about my birthday as always. ⁣
Last year, I treated it like it did not matter, and I regret that because I am not that person. I love birthdays, and I never want to pass a moment to celebrate what I love and the people that matter to me like myself. ⁣

I am grateful for myself & my journey. ⁣
Happy Birthday, Cindy. We have many more things to look forward to, more learning, healing, connecting, and living.

Thanks for spending time here, I hope you have something to celebrate and be grateful for ❤

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