To Loving And Being Loved

I thought about a lot this season, more of what love means to me.

How I wanted to feel loving someone and being loved.

In my fantasies, I am the Goddess of love and everything sensual.


Mainly because of how much I believe in it.

Things like; connecting with people, especially those that match your energy, experiencing care and kindness in different forms.

Experiencing people that can at least make you smile, or shake your head in disbelief that they make you feel the things you feel.

Loved, safe, limitless, held, healthy, shy, excited, aroused etc.

I hope you think of them as you read this.

I do.

Nothing beats being supported and loved right back.
Having people to talk to or call when you need to, being that person they can call when they need to.

It feels fucking good.

Love that is without judgement, love that heals you, lets you be you, allows you to be sad, depressed, make mistakes, fail, find your way, figure shit out(or not), flourish and grow.

I hope we get to experience this in our lives.

That kind of love that encourages self-expression, no hiding or pretending and respects your boundaries.

Love that is not selfish.

Love that makes your inner child happy.

Love that is not limited by rules and should be(s)

We all deserve this.

And even when it is not external, I hope we get to show this kind of love to ourselves.

I want my life, my choices, to be rooted in love, kindness and compassion, especially how I take care of myself. That’s important to me.

I hope that in all this rambling I was able to show you what love means to me and the kind of love I have for myself.

Total acceptance, forgiveness and love.

What does love mean to you?

Thank you for reading.

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Photo by Caroline Veronez on Unsplash

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