Why Worry?

Life with all its ups and downs, and still we are told not to worry, not to stress over the things we can’t control.

Keyword: control.

We dread situations we can’t control—situations that make us feel sad and helpless. Well, here is what you get from worrying: Nothing.

So why worry?

Worrying doesn’t make it better it just makes us feel worse, depressed and sad.

I understand it can be really hard to deal with and I might not understand how you feel inside. But I know you will get through it.

It’s crazy being told to focus on the good things and not think about what’s bothering you, but I believe in the law of attraction, about thoughts having power; Our thoughts send energy into the universe and if you keep worrying, yup the universe is taking note.

What you think is what you attract.

More importantly, I need you to know hard times never last, it is sure to pass and sometimes it might not seem that way but keep up the faith, you have nothing to lose, you lose when you worry, get stressed and it affects your health.

When you experience certain things in life I hope you don’t forget to recognize the things that surround you and be grateful, instead of focusing on the things we label as bad.

Life can be hard, but it can also be awesome and phenomenal.

Special dedication: Dad and Bubu

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So, how do you deal with stress? check out my last blog post about dealing with stress.

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