My Fitness Journey: Period and Exercise

Women are more complicated than men, our periods and cycles affect our moods and performance, so if you were performing so great last week and not too great this week, just know it’s normal. I wondered why my mood and my activity level alternated every week and I got to find out it was because of my cycle—one week I’m superwoman, doing each workout with ease and the next week I’m working really hard to get through.

Periods: I used to dread doing anything or going anywhere during my period because, I used to feel pain, uncomfortable, moody, and irritated by everything. The excessive pain used to occur within the first two (2) days and oh the bloating then diarrhea.

Exercise: one of the benefits of exercising is relieving period pain, yes believe it. I noticed when I am faithful with my workout, being active and eating healthy, I experience little to no period pain and when I’m not working out or my activity level goes down, I stay curled up in my bed trying to sleep the pain away.

Exercising during periods 

Basically, I avoid abdominal exercises and lean towards HIIT workouts and strength training or light exercises depending on how I feel. I realized my muscles recover faster so sometimes I strength train when I’m up for it or I just simply take a walk.

What to wear

I’m sure about pads, diva cups, and tampons. And I mostly use pads and tampons, I’m yet to try diva cups. My all-time favorite is the tampon, I use tampons when I exercise; based on my experience it’s very comfortable and I don’t worry about stains when I try to do a certain workout. So I suggest you try it. And also, wearing loose-fitting clothes; clothes you feel comfortable in.

Your comfort is important.

Benefits of exercising during periods

Like I mentioned earlier, it helps with easing pain, it boots your mood, reduces bloating, regulates irregular periods and enhances blood circulation.

Furthermore, the benefits are great but I also want you to always consider your feelings when exercising on your period or not. If you don’t feel 100% as in health-wise please take a rest and discuss with your trainer or consult your doctor.

Sometimes, I feel light-headed during my periods (mostly during the first two days) so I rest and eat well. Always put your health first and check in with yourself no matter what your fitness goal is, you won’t get there in a day, it takes patience and practice. Anyway, I haven’t felt that way in a while and that’s okay still.

Workouts you can do on your period

Yoga, running, brisk walking, light cardio workouts, and whatever feels good.

Now Ladies did you know you can plan your workout around your monthly cycle?

Coming soon. Stay tuned


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  1. I am sure a lot of lady folks will find this quite helpful. As I a man, I can only imagine what women go through with their body as regards keeping fit. Well written and thanks for sharing.

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