Why taking time off and reevaluating is important.

Hi, readers thank you so much for coming back here, I am grateful.

Full moon greetings to you, I wish you all a happy February and a month filled with love.

Do you take time off?

Well, I had to take time off to self-evaluate and to check if my why(s) were still aligned with my goals. 

I had experienced a transformation, an immense change in my mental state. But also, I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. 

I wasn’t just feeling what I was writing any more (I hope you can relate to that). It was because I used to write from a place of “just getting out of depression”, but it felt different at that point.

Well, I am happy I recognised I needed to take time off and check-in with myself.

One of the benefits of self-awareness and working on yourself is, you eventually learn to listen to yourself, pay attention to how you feel, and figure out what to do, to make it better, especially, when it is something you have experienced several times.

And so, Why do you need the time off to reevaluate?

First, to understand how you are feeling. 

I needed to understand everything I was observing, the Joy, the excitement, the high-strung feeling to go after the things I desired, the thoughts that were coming up, and mainly, to know out why I was getting easily burned-out, overwhelmed and what was stressing me out.

Next, to get clarity, I got clarity on why I was feeling the way I was. And it linked back to where I was coming from, for the first time, in a long time, I realized that I wanted things. Taking time off helped me recognize the difference between where I was mentally in 2017 when I didn’t want anything out of life and now.

I eventually understood what happened in 2017 (that point of “do whatever you want to me, life”, “I am done fighting you”). I surrendered. 

And I am grateful I did.

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Then, to help figure out what to do next. The things we need to let go of, and the person we need to become to get to where we want to be. And then we have to check out our goals, make changes to fit where we are now and get back to it.

Finally, to help get us back on track. Once we can understand, get clarity and have figured out what to do, there is nothing left than to get back to where we left us, but this time we are back with a clear head, no stress and a clearer path.

Taking time-off is essential, particularly when we are stressed out or confused about something. And so rest, breathe, relax, understand your thoughts and feelings, they help bring a lot of benefits to our health and well-being.

Taking time-off and reevaluating assisted me in letting go of where I used to be and embracing this new change.
I hope it does the same for you on your journey.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and learn to listen to yourself–recognize when you need a break or time off from something. The excitement and the rush are thrilling, but getting burned out can cause demotivation/ lack of interest in what we love, mainly because we are stressed out.

So do you take time off or self-evaluate?
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