Why I Meditate

Meditation is one thing I had to learn. People talk about meditation a lot. “Just meditate”, they say. But I never took it seriously, I didn’t understand the need for meditation plus it felt like a lot of work (I also didn’t know how to).

Can you imagine being still, eyes closed or open and just breathing?

Hmm that’s scary, because we are always working and there is not enough time to do other things like meditation, but sometimes we need to stop and just breathe.

Anyway, meditation is a practice which involves focusing your mind on a thought or activity to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state.

Why do I meditate?

Honestly, for relaxation, a clear mind, and better focus.

To begin with, sleeping at night can be hard. Back in high school, I developed a sleep pattern that was good, and working for me; it helped me study and get my grades up. Though, I was staying up all night, I was also getting enough sleep to compensate (which was early evenings until midnight). But in university, it changed. I was either over-sleeping or not sleeping, then came the eating disorder and then the excessive weight gain (imagine 5 years of bad habit).

Now, trying to change this has been hard, coupled with my workout schedule, I definitely need sleep. It has been a little difficult to get a balanced sleep schedule, most nights my busy mind keeps me up but meditation helps me relax and finally, I get the beauty sleep I need.

Next, focusing: sometimes, my thoughts are all over the place—my head is filled with ideas and things I would love to do, but unfortunately, I can’t get anything done like: writing a post, reading a book or even coding, because it is all packed in my head
(You know when there is so much to do, and still can’t get started, is what I’m on about) The only thing left is to just go back to my mat, close my eyes, take my time, and just breathe.

Finally, Relaxation: that’s very important to me, meditation is a good technique for stress relief and relaxing. Asides working-out, meditation helps me deal with stress and gain inner peace.
Stress is known to cause weight gain for specific people due to a rise in cortisol (stress hormone) and unfortunately, I’m one of them.

It was challenging and eccentric trying this for the first time but I have been able to clear my mind, breathe, and relax.

I also take part in yoga exercises plus I hope to be a good trainer and yoga instructor one day.

If you would like to get started, there are apps that can help you learn and guide you through meditation: calm, daily yoga, simple habit and many more. You will also find meditation for different purposes: anxiety, sleep, stress, inner-peace, emotions, relationships, self-care.

Let’s try this simple meditation now (1) get comfortable; you can sit or lay down, (2) breathe; in and out, (3) clear your mind by focusing on your breath, (4) do it for a few minutes, (5) keep breathing.

See, that was easy.

Thanks for reading and Keep meditating.

Just sharing.

Featured image:
unsplash photo by Jared Rice

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