Reacting non-reactively

Whenever we find ourselves in a situation we don’t like or a situation that falls in our category of bad, we tend to occupy our thoughts with everything wrong, and we end up in a sad emotional state.

Then eventually, that ray of sunshine—we end up saying I’m glad that happened, if not for that I wouldn’t have learned this or I won’t be here right now, I’m so happy, blah blah blah.


Responding to our circumstances non-reactively

When we learn to respond to our situations non-reactively, we don’t get emotionally thrown around by the ups and downs in life, because nothing is as static as it seems, it is hard to know which situation is going to turn out fortunate or unfortunate.

It’s crazy, life is crazy but that’s life.

Sometimes, we search for answers, we want to know what’s going to happen next for us, so we could make safe decisions, but you know what?

We’ll never know.

Unless you time travel, then please search for Cindy in 2030 and nope don’t tell me, I’ll find out when I get there.

I’m excited about life and the things I am learning every day.

I hope to share with you.

Enjoy your moments—Life is phenomenal.

Just sharing.

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Unsplash photo by Justin Aikin

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