My fitness journey and sleep

Hi, in this post I’ll be discussing sleep.
You’ve probably come across articles or videos talking about the importance of sleep and how lack of sleep causes weight gain and weakness… If you haven’t, it’s okay.

Well, I used to think sleep = lazy and at some point, I used to judge myself for sleeping too long—I was not used to it—I was misinformed.

I wasn’t listening to what my body was telling me exactly, that I was stressed and exhausted, I had moved to a different country for school; new school and new class schedules I wasn’t used to didn’t help—I thought I was just being lazy (I didn’t even think about that)

Listen to your body
When you are tired sleep/rest
When you are stressed, relax and breathe
When you are hungry eat.

Fitness journeys are about trial and error, finding what works for you.

I realized I am more active, refreshed, energized, not bloated when I have a peaceful, all through the night shut-eye sleep of 6-7hrs, while when I have less than 5hrs to no sleep I am a mess; I’m up late, weak, bloated, stressed with bad headaches and not able to get work done the whole day.

Little to no sleep can be detrimental to your health.

It can lead to hormone imbalance, late night cravings; increased appetite, which would result in fat being stored in your belly and back.

A good nights sleep can help boost your mood, lower stress, improve health and maintain a healthy weight.

Our bodies need love in the form of rest and sleep.

Trying to get a good, consistent sleep schedule or pattern can be hard, especially at first. And for ladies, it’s a struggle especially with our period and hormones (I’ll write a post about this soon).

At some point, I can be sleeping well and enough then the next week I can’t even get myself to sleep on time, which messes with my schedule: both workout and daily life plans.

So if you are a night owl and you get little or no sleep and you are struggling with your weight, then a lifestyle change will be a good choice.

It takes patience and little changes, we’ll get there, yeah we are all in this together.


Just sharing.

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Unsplash photo by Sylvie Tittel


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