Love is an expression of one’s self

Love is an expression of one’s self. You don’t love based on the response you’ll get, but you love as you are, who you want to be.

Sometimes, we forget who we are and we start to mirror other people’s love expressions. People like our partners or ex-partners or even our parents.

Usually, that’s us trying hard not to love them more than they love us. Because from our experience, when that happens we are being taken for granted. And no one wants that.

No one wants to look foolish because they love someone.

Maybe we simply haven’t figured out our way to love, or a clear picture of who we want to be when we are in love.

The universe knows how many times I have been called a fool behind my back, and sometimes to my face too for loving someone. Thinking about it now, I have no regrets, I just feel a bit of sadness here.

Sadness, why?

Because here, love is a game.

“In these streets” were (honestly I hate to be associated with) people are scared to be vulnerable, admit, or show how much they care about someone, that is expected.

Here, there is a winner or a loser.

If you love, and they don’t love you back you lose, but if you love, and they love you back, yay! a big win for you.

Is it?

Hi friend, there is one painful truth I discovered on this hard journey of self-transformation, and it’s about entitlement.

How we are not entitled to anything, even love from our parents ( yeah this part made me furious at first). I wish it was emotionally easy, we could give love and get it back, but it’s not.

So it’s okay to love and not be loved right back. I promise typing this is equally as hard for me as it is for you reading it.

Not being loved back is not an easy experience, but it is not because of you. Not being appreciated is not because you didn’t do enough, not getting loyalty back is not because you were not loyal or you didn’t prove it enough. (Well, there is still a maybe here lol let’s give space for law of attraction )

Like my first words, “love is an expression of one’s self”.

And I think, “Everything you do is an expression of yourself.”

Remember: despite how open, peaceful and loving you attempt to be, people can only meet you, as deeply as they’ve met themselves.

by Matt Kahn

Like the phrase I love, “People only meet you at the level of their consciousness”

So sometimes, it’s not about you.

I listen to a lot of people talk about how much they regret being faithful to someone who cheated on them, and I just wonder if they understand what they are saying.

Anger justified can be so blinding we never realize who we are becoming.

We spiral, and we go on to become that which we hate. And justified, we wouldn’t see it that way.

Don’t let others make you forget who you are

When we get to that point of understanding and forgiveness, we eventually see things how it is. We recognize who we are and then, we choose who we want to be.

That’s when we start to heal.

We heal with the choices we make and how we choose to express ourselves.

I have not had the easiest journey when it comes to love, hmm, all the relationships that broke my heart.

But now, I can write about love (Finally!!) because I am healing, I am accepting myself. I am being okay with how I love–how I like to express it and I think that’s the most beautiful thing I have experienced in a while.

This reminds me of a tweet I came across.

True, I know how I like to express love, I know how my love feels.

And I want to love and be loved that way.

So friend, I have a question for you, would you like to be loved how you currently love?

Thank you for reading.


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