Love & Gratitude

Currently, I am recovering from a break down(bad cold, body pains etc.) All results of pushing my body and mind without enough rest. I also decided to take a break from everything and everyone. I know I have a lot to process. I miss knowing what’s going on and how everyone is doing but, I know I need this too.

I have been feeling conflicted. Feeling like I am at crossroads.

So seeing love and gratitude on my calendar I wasn’t sure what it was about. But after meditation, I ended up journaling a list of things I am grateful for, all connected to love.

I have been feeling uneasy since I broke down. Today, I am reminded that everything is love.

Everything about me is love.

And love is more patience, more love, more grace, and sometimes, love is space.

Love is acceptance, love is allowing things to happen how they are meant to.

My inner conflict has been about a couple of things but, it’s been mostly about work, like “what’s next?!”

I wanted to discuss with someone or some people I trust but, I learned that “when I feel the need to isolate, I need people. And when I feel the need to socialize and be around people, I need solitude”. I needed to be by myself and have that inner conversation.

I was at this point in 2017 while experiencing depression and trying to figure out some things, the difference now is, I am not depressed and I have done the inner work of learning more about myself, my beliefs and healing.

I am grateful for the clarity and the lessons, I am grateful that I have learned, still learning and I am grateful I can trust myself more now.

I also learned that when you are in a dark place or experiencing a difficult situation, finding things to be grateful for can help.

So if this is you too, what are you grateful for?

Make it personal, it will mean more then.

Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to send healing energy my way!

Featured Image: Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

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