Lifehacks I learned in 2018

life hacks?!

haha, I know, but let’s call it that.

Anyway, I was inspired by two questions asked on Quora What is the most clever life hack you’ve learned?” and “What are some life hacks that everyone can use?” already answered but I wanted to do a post about it and tell you how my year went.

First of all, I’ll start with how my year went, It was great!! It went really well, there were setbacks and moments I wanted to give up, but, I kept going and I don’t regret it.

My main goal in 2018 ways to improve myself, unlearn and learn new things that will help me become a better version of myself. so, I created a to-do list with what I wanted to start with.

My To-do list

  • Expose the lies I tell myself.
  • Write down the negative things I want to change.
  • Love me.
  • Stop second-guessing and downplaying myself.
  • I am enough; recognize that I am enough.

And the first quote I came across was:

Your life is the physical manifestation of the thoughts you are thinking in your head

I found this quote same time I got to know about the law of attraction and then for the first 3-4 months, I worked on changing my way of thinking and getting rid of the things that didn’t serve me anymore. I journaled, read books(mostly read self-help books) and practised, but most of all, I had to always be truthful to myself, and that’s one thing I hope people would do every day, ” tell yourself the truth”.

And now, The lessons or clever life hacks I learned in 2018, I picked up a lot from books, movies and the people I surrounded myself with. Most of the books I read gave me clarity in different areas of my life, like love, relationships, money, ego and many more.

So, here are a few life hacks that got me through the year.

  1. What you think you attract; if you keep filling your mind with negative thoughts, they’ll keep manifesting.
  2. Focus on the things you want instead of the ones you don’t want, while you waste your time focusing on what you don’t want, you give it the power to still exist.
  3. The journey is the goal.
  4. You are enough.
  5. Think it and believe it.
  6. Change is constant.
  7. Ego is pathological.
  8. Beware of background unhappiness.
  9. Stop worrying, it does not make it better.
  10. Always check in with yourself.
  11. Define and accept who you are.
  12. My life is mine and I should live to my satisfaction, repeat till you believe it.
  13. Don’t be scared to look within, you’ll find your answers there.
  14. There is no time for regrets.
  15. Kindness gets you a long way.
  16. Build valuable relationships with people.
  17. We never know what we are doing, because we are unable to tell the outcomes of our choices or each event.
  18. We as humans make decisions based on love and fear, so it is important to always be present and aware.
  19. Live in fearlessness and hopelessness
  20. You cannot change a situation you can only control how you act towards it.
  21. Life is phenomenal.
  22. Nothing exists without the other; the world is perfectly balanced.
  23. Always have an open mind to learn and understand what you do not know.
  24. Leaders and readers.
  25. You are what you think.
  26. Forgive yourself.

Well, there are still more, some I am yet to discover or become aware of but for now, that’s all I have for you.

These are just hacks that make things a little better especially how we handle the situations we experience every day.

Finally, I believe there is no particular manual for how people should live their lives because we are all different with astonishing personalities. We keep learning, unlearning and growing.

So, how did your year go?

Did you do the things you planned on doing?

Please leave a comment and let me know how your year went, and if you have any life hacks you can share that would be awesome.

Thanks for reading. Do have a great year.

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Unsplash photo by Lidya Nada

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