I wish I saved and spent my money wisely

I wish I spent my money wisely, this, I usually say when I am broke and hungry as a result of the guilt I feel when I spend money on the things I really don’t need.

My first two years in school were okay, I was comfortable, but if I was to go back in time I’ll do things differently. I used to have a lot of people around me, the ones that wanted to tag along when going shopping or partying you end up paying the bills, saviour complex always gets me into trouble (you can always be nice enough to take care of a bill or two but don’t over do it), I always wanted to be there for people—when they no longer get what they want from you, you are on your own (not everyone is like that though).

In my third year, I went into make-up and food business so I could start earning money, I was scared that it would get to a point where I couldn’t afford to pay my bills (now I can say I was right), It was an exciting time for me (I had no idea about business, but I was getting paid for my food services and makeup). Sadly, all the money had to go into one of those bills, I was broke, sad and frustrated (we can add bitter to it too).

Money does affect moods easily, Have you ever been extremely hungry when you are broke and once you see that money you lose appetite?

Yup! That’s what I’m talking about.

Being broke and settling for less.

Being broke, you get tempted to accept any job offer, as long as you get paid. What made me feel worse was after getting a job the next year, I didn’t get paid. I was also cheated out of the food gigs I got; the funny thing is I had stopped doing gigs, but I took it because I needed the money. After that incident, I was sure I had been cursed, I was devastated.

Money equal happiness.

However, after all the things I had been through, I’ll say money does not buy happiness, but it pays your bills, get you out of debt, buys the things you want, you get to go anywhere you want and that makes people happy, but being okay, no matter what you are going through is what I’m on about, because I don’t know how I’ll function properly when I am sad or angry.

You can have all the money in the world and still be sad and depressed.

Last year, I decided to list all my bad habits that were not helping and this was one of it, I had always been this way and I needed to change the way I handled money. I found The Financial Diet (TFD) on YouTube, they are amazing and very helpful, I got ideas from them on creating a budget, getting rid of the things I really didn’t need any side jobs that help you earn money (if you don’t know about them already you should check them out). A friend also introduced me to piggybank.ng, and now I use that to save my money too.

I have learned a lot, and am still learning. First, to always have a backup plan because people can be unreliable (I’m serious no exemptions), then to create a budget: needs and wants (separating things according to their level of importance), finally, saving and investing.

Always remember, even though you go through that period where things are bad you’ll definitely get through it but you have to believe.

Be responsible for your emotions and don’t depend on external factors to determine how you feel.

Be happy and be hopeful, your thoughts have power.

Just sharing.

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Unsplash by Fabian Blank

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