I Needed Love And Patience More Than I Thought I Did.

There is something I like to do sometimes take a peek at what’s the word or affirmation for the next day. 

I wondered what today’s own meant, but I get it now.

Today on my calendar is Love & Patience.

And yes, I needed it more than ever.

I am currently dealing with a bad cold and body pain that didn’t show up until the day I was meant to return back to work.

I took a week off to do nothing. I loved it. 

I was thinking of taking an extra week, but I have been excited to get to work. I had been coming up with ideas for projects and many more.

But it’s taking love and patience to help me deal with the blocked nose and spitting. 

It’s uncomfortable.

So yeah, I really needed it. I planned to do a few things today but, I have to let it go until I feel better. Love is me treating myself with kindness and patience, listening to my body when she needs the time and the rest.

Love and patience for me now is letting things happen when they happen, letting life flow, no chasing or forcing. Letting it all flow to me.

Honestly, I snuck in a few work tasks lol. 

I’m off to hydrate and care for myself now.

Thanks for reading. 

I hope you practice love and patience with yourself too.

How do you practice love and patience with yourself?

Featured Image: Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

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