I am feeling ungrateful about my life.

I got up from my yoga mat and decided to write this post because I am feeling ungrateful about my life. How did I come to this conclusion?

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with the things we want to do, that we forget what we have done, how long we’ve come, the people who have been here with us, the ones rooting for us and the ones that show up every time we reach out to them.

The whole day was a mess for me. Many thoughts rushing through my head. The horrible network didn’t make it any better. I already complained about feeling that way to my partner, it didn’t help. And so, I decided I was going to do yoga and meditate to help me ease the anxiety that was building up for no reason (so I like to think). Practice was hard my body hurt but I made it to the end.

Sadly, yoga didn’t help.

So I just laid back on my mat and the thoughts about my life came rushing. I can’t remember when last I felt this way. Like I was running out of time and I was being left behind. Scrolling through Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn–seeing the post/tweets and profiles, of the people I know or once knew and the people I still connect with, didn’t help.

And as always, Cindy has a way of speaking to me. She is always honest.

I am at this point in my life where I want so many things, like a new apartment, money, to be debt free, to finish everything I have started.

“It is not a bad thing to want things, it is not”.

But I know I am being dishonest if I don’t recognize how far I have come, the things I have done and all the work I have put into myself.

So, I decided to write about everything I am grateful for:

Dear Cindy, I want to let you know that I am proud of you and I appreciate you, I am grateful for you, I am grateful for your growth.

  • I am grateful that I can pay my bills.
  • I am grateful I am doing the things I like and enjoy.
  • I am grateful for the people that have been in my life.
  • I am grateful I was able to start a freelance business from 0 clients to complaining I have a lot of work.
  • I am grateful for the mistakes I have made, without them I wouldn’t be who I am today.
  • I am grateful I am here.

(I couldn’t help it, I cried while typing this)

Gratitude is a very powerful tool.

It removes the feeling of lack when we recognise the things we have, the people who are there for us and how far we have come. Gratitude helps us to refocus, reflect and come back to the present moment, because that’s where we are.

Not in the past or the future, but here.

I am a big believer in the law of attraction, I try to be more aware of the things I am thinking or projecting.

I wrote this post to help me feel better and let go of everything I was thinking and feeling. And I feel so much better.

If you are reading this, “what are you grateful for?”.

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Thank you for reading 💕💕


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