How a change in thoughts helped me

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Previously, I blogged about depression and how pessimistic thoughts was a defense mechanism I used to shield myself from hurting so much. But I realized It was causing more harm than good.

Presently, my level of positivity shocks me, and I am so glad I was able to make this huge change in my life. I no longer try to shield myself from “bad experiences” or what I would have judged as a bad experience.

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Reacting non-reactively is my tool if you missed the post about it, the link is here.

Law of Attraction

Discovering the law of attraction was the beginning of this great change and improvement, (thank you, George, for telling me about it). I realized my negative thoughts were causing great problems for me, I was sad, impatient, angry, bloated, over-weight and uncomfortable. It made everything worse.

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After George told me about it, I also stumbled on a few interviews on YouTube about the law of attraction and I found the secret (a book written by Rhonda Byrne it also has a film). I watched, I had moments, and I was happy for one thing: that in several ways it spoke to me about all the negative thoughts I was having and the things I was doing that didn’t make anything better for me.

Watching the videos about the secret and people sharing their experiences especially Lisa Nichols (I love her, her story helped me too), I got more interested I watched the film and now I practice and apply it every day.

I learned a whole lot from the secret mainly:
1. that my thoughts have power—what I think I attract. And I tell you for sure my realization moments were epic.
2. when you focus on the things you don’t want you to give it the power to exist. So you keep attracting it.
Then, I made a conscious decision and stopped focusing on the things I did not want and they stopped coming to me—I stopped focusing on the people I did not want around me and to be honest I am very happy with my close circle now. Hence I try to be mindful, present and attentive to what I’m thinking.

So if you are a person with negative thoughts or one who’s always thinking of the negative sides in every situation, I’ll ask that you check in with yourself and see how well it’s working out for you.

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I recommend you read the book or watch the film if you have not heard or come across it before.

It’s been a while now and I still try to stay present and conscious with my thoughts, my actions, and the things I say.

I know we are all going through something, well, the first step to making a change is realizing the problems and what you need to work on.

I hope we start thinking positive and focus on the things we want to achieve instead of fighting what we don’t want and this can be applied in so many ways, #propeace #prowoman #prochoice #prohumans #wecanloveoneanother

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Always remember Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy you.

Feel free to reach out if you have something to share or you need someone to listen:

Take care and thanks for reading.


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