Grace Is Acceptance, Kindness, Compassion, Boundaries And Gratitude

One thing that has helped me let go of resentment this year is grace.

Truth is, when you treat yourself with grace, you’ll treat others the same way, even when you feel your anger is justified.

Grace is giving space for imperfection, it’s compassion & it’s also boundaries.

And grace, you give it whether you think you deserve it or not.

Grace is recognizing you are doing the best you can. And you can do better especially, when you know better.

Grace is, “I made a mistake, not I am a mistake”.

It’s recognizing everything is not about you.

It’s learning to love yourself where you are currently.

Acceptance, kindness, compassion & gratitude.

Which are all forms love expression.

Give yourself grace for not having it all figured out, for experiencing things or people that hurt you, and for not knowing.

Give yourself grace, there is a lot you can’t control no matter how hard you try.

And there are somethings that will never change.

You’ll never have it all figured out, you may still experience things & people that will hurt you & you’ll never know everything.

Grace is how you embrace this imperfection.

Grace is how you care for yourself in a world filled with unkind standards.

Grace is how you radically love yourself.

You wake up everyday with the mindset that…

“I get to try again, I am enough”.

“I’ll keep going”

“I’ll figure it out” “I’ll love the people that love me” “I’ll let go of what no longer makes me feel alive” “I’ll always consider and choose me” Give yourself more grace and be grateful for how far you’ve come.


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