Finding Our Purpose Maybe Finding Ourselves

Sometimes, what we refer to as finding our purpose is, instead, finding ourselves.

It is not some new life mission.

The problem is, we’ve been so disconnected from ourselves that we are now a shadow of us.

The shadow who is currently the validation-seeking, people-pleasing version of us.

We are so lost that we try to embark on a mission to add meaning to our lives.

Painfully, we learn that all that we chased is not enough and it feels so empty to give our lives meaning.

The person we thought we needed to become for people to accept us and give us permission to accept ourselves is not who we truly are.

And the truth is, to chase and actualize our dreams – that is, who we wanted to be when we grew up – we need to reconnect back to the self we were before society tried to tell us who we needed to be.

Sometimes, the reason why we can’t create or express ourselves authentically is we still carry unresolved shame.

We are still hiding because we are uncomfortable with who we are. And we do not know or like who that is.

Maybe that should be our mission instead, “Mission us”.

Letting go of these made-up and copied personalities that are no longer working for us. Maybe our mission needs to be letting go of mirrored likes and dislikes we adopted to fit in.

Maybe our mission is to be us and be who we are fully.

A full-fledged life.

Then we may be able to self-express, actualize our dreams, and probably find peace.

  • No standards.
  • No external validation.
  • No trying to fit in.
  • No looking up to anyone.
  • No looking down on anyone.
  • Not trying to be anyone

Just us.

Love, Cinderella

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