Breathe And Practice Hopelessness

These last few days, I got a good lesson on hopelessness. I love reading contents from people that explain things clearly and extensively, like Mark Manson did in “Everything is fucked: A Book About Hope”.

So today, my calendar says, “Breathe and practice hopelessness”. And with my better understanding of hopelessness beyond not having any expectations, I have learned to appreciate the present moment more.

I am grateful that my journey has brought me a lot of clarity.

I am grateful that opening up to learning on this journey has taught me more about myself, the power of my mind, emotions, and beliefs and how they shape my life.

Before I continue,

Hopelessness is being in the state of not hoping for something better but being better.

Being here and now, living in the present moment.

Seeing “practice hopelessness” made me smile a little because sometimes you could be in the present moment and slip into the “Hoping for a better reality” state.

Not present or paying attention to everything going on around us,

Living in the present moment takes practice, especially, when we were raised to hope for saviours or better situations with little or no self reflection.

We were not taught to examine our thoughts about a situation or an event. 

We were not taught that to change the world, we have to change ourselves.

Well, I think that’s what growing up is about.

Unlearning old habits and learning new ones that allow us to grow and heal.

So while I laugh at my current state(being shifted back to the present moment), I hope you learn to let go and live in the present moment too. Not hoping for a better reality, not living in despair but embracing the present moment.

We are right where we are supposed to be.

And so stay present with me:

  • At this moment, I feel thankful for my purpose in life.
  • I welcome my feelings without judgment.
  • My life is always in the now.
  • Everything exists in this moment.
  • I live fully in this moment and do not worry about the future.

Cindy Cinderella

Featured Image: Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash

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