Attending Scripts and Sound

I was excited to see the flyer for the poetry and music show (scripts and sound) on my twitter timeline, it bugged me for days. Eventually, I decided to message the organizer (Maud), she was nice enough to give me a spot.

The deal day

When I arrived at the venue, the show had already begun, yes I was late; I had issues finding a ride but finally, I did.

I got cold feet when I realized it was an outdoor show, I was expecting an indoor setting because I felt that was the norm and maybe the whole world wouldn’t hear my voice when I start to speak, but it was a much cooler and simple setting with people standing and sitting, the weather was perfect and everyone looked beautiful.

Maud took me in and introduced me to one of the organizers Andrew he was very nice. Then I stood In a corner hoping to disappear just like I always do (invisibility is a superpower I wish for). I watched as the crowd cheered for each performer, plus they were really good and did very well, it felt safe and comfortable applauding and cheering for them, until it got to my turn. (shit got real)

I could feel myself fading while walking up the stage, I got up there and luckily for me, I couldn’t see anyone’s face clearly; the thing is I had taken off my glasses just before I was called to perform and that helped me (because I was shy). I started to read but I zoned out at the last part; I got carried away, (I don’t know why that happens to me sometimes) I sang the chorus part of Sia’s bird set free just before the end of my poem (let the woman speak) just as I had planned and practiced.

From that point of view, I could see a community of people brought together by the love of poetry and music ( food and drinks too LOL). The listeners were very kind they applauded, I got off-stage and walked back to my spot.

Walking back, I felt light-headed, I was feeling a lot of things: excitement, fear and love.

I loved it.

I was happy I read that poem and shared that with a lot of people.

I got to experience this as both listener and performer, it was awesome, a beautiful and memorable night for me, I also made new friends Welly and Kekelie. They were kind with their compliments and fun to chat with.

Sadly, I had to leave early but I enjoyed every moment of it. I hope to keep writing and start singing once again.

I had fun at scripts and sound, it was an amazing experience.

Thank you, Maud.

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