Are your feelings important?

Are your feelings important?

I’ll say yes, although, we tend to ignore them sometimes, they play a big role in how we relate to things, situation, and people.

How does a particular person make you feel? How does a particular meal make you feel? Or even how does a particular workout make you feel?

Regardless of the different types of relationships we have with people, our feelings are what draw us closer or tear us apart, how do they make you feel? Good, bad, not good enough, insecure, normal, weird, happy, sad, devastated, depressed, pressured……

Well, that’s for you to decide.

Honestly, I believe this has a lot to do with being aware and present, at all times, paying attention to how we feel.

For example, my workouts make me feel good and strong, trust me I always go back for more. For my diet, it was a bit hard I preferred drinking carbonated drinks (coke, fanta, sprite, and many others) more than I ate; I thought “food” was my enemy. I had to cut off drinks and stick to water, mainly because of how they made me feel bloated, filled, heavy and uncomfortable all the time.

Now that’s me putting my feelings and my health first.

How does a particular job make you feel?

Most people function properly and are in a healthy state of mind, because, most of the time they enjoy what they do and it makes them feel good, I can’t imagine how it would feel when you hate your job.

Now ask yourself, how do you feel inside?

Another thing I find very useful is checking in with myself and my thoughts, that is my way of being mindful, being aware and being present. Meditation is a good way of practicing mindfulness (check out my post on meditation).

No one can make you feel worse than yourself.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

Is it okay to let people go if they don’t make you feel good?

Yes, I think so, especially when it’s detrimental to your health or when you feel like they need to go.

Personally, I had to let go of some people: exes, friends, mutual friends, acquaintances; mainly because that so-called relationship was taking so much from me and was bad for my health but now I surround myself with love, happiness, freedom, fearlessness and more love.

So are your feelings important? That is for you to decide. The question: how does______ make you feel? Can be related to so many aspects of our lives be it, love, relationships, and friendships even towards our families and how you handle it depends solely on you.

Choose your health. Just Sharing.

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