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We experience different life situations at different times and we are often too quick to judge or tag that situation as good or bad, but do we really know if it is?

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A while ago, I remember reading about how we do not know what we are doing because we are unable to tell if it’s going to turn out “fortunate or unfortunate” and from the comments, I noticed people still haven’t realized that we don’t control life situations only our choices, our attitude and the things we create.

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Now, have you ever been rejected from a job and then you got a better offer or missed a bus and missed an accident that occurred after, people will call it a miracle and a blessing but do you remember how you felt before then? “Oh damn, today is such a bad day, I can’t believe I missed that bus and I am going to be late”.

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But what if the next job offer isn’t that great? And you go through a tough period of being broke and struggling to pay your bills.

Then what?

Are you supposed to curse the days out?

Well, I’ll suggest you don’t.
Like I said earlier we can only control our choices and the things we create.

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So what is your attitude in that “good or bad” situation going to be?

Are you going to be positive about it or drown in anger and negativity?

Is it going to be a teachable moment for you and make you push harder for what you want or are you just going to give up and hate your situation then eventually hate yourself?

It might seem pleasant or unpleasant to you but guess what you don’t know? What’s going to happen next.

I try not to judge any situation I find myself mainly because I do not know the outcome. It is a regular practice trust me, and reacting non-reactively is the way I don’t get emotionally thrown about.

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We are all going through something, different circumstances maybe but we will get through it.

I hope this helps, and I hope you recognize the choices you have in whatever situation you may be in, let’s try to be a little less judgemental.

I hope we keep growing and learning from each other every day. Stay positive. Recognize the teachable moments and remember who you are.

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Feel free to reach out if you have something to share or you need someone to listen: justsharingalife@gmail.com

Take care and thanks for reading.


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