6 Books that helped shape my life in 2018

Hi everyone, in the spirit of the new year I decided to share the books that helped shape my life and achieve my goals in 2018; The books I talked about in my previous post.

Reading was one of the habits I picked up and desperately wanted to improve on, first, I started with fiction books, and from the conversations I and my trainer were having he recommended I read crazy wisdom.

  • Crazy wisdom – Chogyam Trungpa


And that’s the first book on my list, I enjoyed reading it, I had moments of clarity, especially about the Buddhist way of life(I also went on to watch The Buddha, and I got to understand more), it showed me how deep I had been in spiritual materialism and now I feel I have transcended.

I stopped waiting for someone to save me, I stopped searching for fortune tellers online to give me answers with solutions, instead, I started meditating and searching for answers within.

In a world full of uncertainty it’s better to have an open mind to learn and unlearn things.

Sometimes we search for answers outside, seek peoples answers and directions but we never bother to sit still, clear our mind and ask ourselves.

  • The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

Next, the secret talks about the law of attraction.


How our thoughts affect our reality and this book definitely called me out on all my be pessimistic thoughts, it made me understand my usual way of thinking was causing more harm than good my whole aura was negativity, and I am glad I was introduced to it, now I am more conscious about the thoughts I’m having and I try to always be present and optimistic about life and the things I think about. It’s a regular practice.

  • Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsch (book1)

Conversations with God is the reason I became aware of the decisions I was making out of love and fear( relationships, life decisions etc). And how humans think or see things their way.

Your judgment on something is not how it is but it is the reflection on how you are.

I had doubts and confusion about a lot and conversations with God helped me, made me feel normal and that it’s okay to ask questions.

Ask questions, when you don’t understand what you are being taught. Now, I have conversations with myself. Call me crazy for that and I’ll take it.

  • The 5-second rule – Mel Robbins

This book came to me when I needed it when I needed to know why I always laid up in bed procrastinating coding or doing the things I planned on, sometimes we need to know why in other to find a solution to our problems and the 5second rule helped me 5,4,3,2,1 get things done. So if you want to understand why you procrastinate and stop, read this book, I recommend it.

  • A New Earth- Eckhart Tolle

A new earth talks a lot about human behavior and ego, why some people do the things they do, he doesn’t live anyone out, you are very included, I got to learn about background unhappiness; it felt relieving being aware of what I was feeling and I was able to get rid of it. I mostly try to figure out why I feel the way I feel most times, to better understand it.

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

Robert Kiyosaki has a very distinctive way of looking at things especially money, which really has a way of working out, I am so glad I read this book, I checked my thoughts and views about money now I am not scared and I want to learn more and talk about money, learn management skills and work on self-discipline.

I recommend you read this book if you don’t want to work all your life I know I don’t.

  • Peaceful warrior – Dan Millman

For peaceful warrior, I watched the movie instead, I have probably seen it like a million times, I love love it, Socrates tore dan apart and showed him how sloppy he had been with his life, and I did replace Dan with me. Dan couldn’t understand why someone who worked at a gas station would give him advice about life.

The same way someone thought it was ridiculous for my trainer to recommend books to me. I share this to let you know that if you pay attention you’ll see that the universe sends you what you need at different times in your life, pay attention. This movie showed me that there is nothing never going on. Time doesn’t stop, things keep happening.

Furthermore, I notice we discover things and hang on to them for dear life. But I feel we should take what we need from books, from conversations, from teachings and find our own answers, find what works for you. Keep searching, keep looking within.

Sometimes we expect to always be spoon-fed, to be given directions all the time that’s why most times we get annoyed when we are not being told to turn right, turn left you’ll find the treasure, I hope we try to have an open mind and be more present and live in the now, not the past, not the future, but the present.

I noticed while reading and watching they kind of passed similar messages in different ways, they talked about looking within, making fearless decision, awareness and living in now.

So if you are looking or trying to achieve a peaceful inside and a better you, read these books. Let go of I wish I didn’t(s) or I hope to do or be and just do or be.

Happiness is living in the now.

Try it.

Thanks for reading I hope these bring you what you need.

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Unsplash photo by Annie Spratt

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